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FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $25! Ships from Texas!
FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $25! Ships from Texas!

About Us

Three sisters honoring our mother’s memory by combining our different talents to raise awareness for MS.  In each of us, you will find aspects of her.  A portion of our profits will go towards MS research and support of families dealing with this disease.  If you have any specific requests regarding MS, please email us. 

Our joy is to find and design things that add beauty and function to your life.  We offer a mix of home products, clothing and jewelry.  We search the world and introduce them to you.

Join us, three adventurous sisters, on our quest to find products make your world more comfortable, functional and beautiful. 

Marcia, Micah and Mindy ( Yes our parents named all M's )

Just a little bit about our mom, Roberta June Frantz Monroe.

Our mom was wicked smart, never forgot anything she saw, read or heard!  Our dad always joked when then they met in college, they both had one B on their transcript.  His B was his highest grade and her one B was her lowest. 

She had a chemistry degree, but taught home-economics.  She loved to  learn new things and create.   Some of our favorite memories are going to the fabric store and looking through the McCall pattern books, picking the perfect fabric, thread, and buttons and putting the "puzzle" all together.  At 35, with husband and four children, three daughters and our brother, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  She taught Home Economics in the public-school system to hundreds of students.   Roberta was beautiful, and talented musically and so very smart (like walking encyclopedia).  She never complained even as the disease took her mobility and eventually left her bedridden.  We lost her in 2008.